News from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Prominent human rights defender Sulaiman Al-Rashudi released


On 12 December 2017, prominent human rights defender Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Rashudi, a lawyer and former judge who is President of Civil and Political Rights Association in Saudi Arabia (ACPRA), was released…

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Saudi Arabia: Internet activist Naimah Al-Matrod sentenced to six years in prison


On 10 November 2017, the Specialised Criminal Court (SCC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia sentenced Internet activist Naimah Al-Matrod to six years in jail followed by six years of travel ban after her sentence…

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Saudi Arabia: Wave of arrests continue as authorities crack down on human rights defenders and freedom of expression


The human rights situation in Saudi Arabia has markedly deteriorated and there has been a renewed crackdown against human rights defenders, since the accession of Mohammad bin Salman as Crown Prince in…

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Saudi Arabia: Human rights defenders arrested amid wave of arrests, as ban on women driving lifted


The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) has received alarming reports about a wave of arrests of writers, academics, on-line activists, and clerics in Saudi Arabia this month. These arrests are characterised…

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Saudi Arabia: Two human rights defenders arrested after being sentenced to prison


Saudi authorities have arrested human rights defenders Issa Al-Hamid and Abdulaziz Al-Shubaili, both members of the Civil and Political Rights Association in Saudi Arabia (ACPRA). Reports received by…

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Saudi Arabia: Human rights defenders brought to trial for protesting violations


In August, human rights defenders Issa Al-Nukhaifi and Essam Koshak were brought to court over their human rights activities, where they learned of charges against them. They remain at Al-Ha'ir…

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