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Oman: Internal Security Service continues systematic targeting of human rights defenders & Internet activists


According to reports from Oman, the Internal Security Service (ISS) has arrested both human rights defender Ahmed Al-Bahri and Internet activist Khalid Al-Ramadani for their peaceful and legitimate activities…

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Oman: “Azamn” editor Ibrahim Al-Ma'amari released while newspaper remains closed


On 10 April 2016, prominent journalist Ibrahim Al-Maamari, Editor-in-chief of “Azamn” newspaper, was released from the Central Prison in Muscat, Oman after serving his six-month sentence.…

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Oman: Public Prosecution threatens Internet activists working in exile


The Public Prosecution held its annual press conference in Muscat, Oman, during which it threatened Internet activists, who are engaged in peaceful activities while in exile, with prosecution in order…

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Oman: Trial of Writer, cinema critic and online activist Abdullah Habib postponed


In a hearing on 13 March 2017, the Appeal Court in Oman decided to postpone its hearing in the case of writer, cinema critic and online activist Abdullah Habib - in which a verdict was expected - to an…

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Oman: Authorities prevent the family of blogger Mohamed Fazari from travelling; and Public Prosecutor appeals the verdict against “Azamn”


Authorities in Oman continue to target human rights defenders as a result of the exercise of their right to freedom of expression and freedom of press. Reports received by the Gulf Centre for Human Rights…

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Oman: Courts revoke prison sentences of online activist Hassan Al-Basham and writer Hammood Al-Shukaily


Reports received by the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) confirm that the High Court in Oman has revoked the three-year prison sentence against online activist Hassan Al-Basham. Also this week, the…

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