Qatar, civil society and human rights: Lack of civil society space hinders work of human rights defenders


Qatar is a country ruled by a monarchy with an unusually large immigrant population. It has been subject to significant criticism for its treatment of migrant workers and women as well as those who attempt…

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Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) - Annual Report 2015: Human Rights Defenders in Prison and in Peril throughout the Gulf and Neighbouring Countries


This is the fourth Annual Report of the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR), an independent NGO founded by human rights defenders from the Gulf region in 2011. GCHR documents the environment in which…

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SPECIAL REPORT: Yemeni journalists and human rights defenders at risk during wartime


Early in April, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution calling for the swift resumption of peace talks and an end to violence in Yemen. Yet fighting continued to rage across the country…

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Torture and Abuse in Prisons in the United Arab Emirates


This report details the torture and abuse of prisoners in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), focusing on prisoners from a group of 94 human rights defenders and activists on trial in 2013, known collectively…

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Hear their Voices: Alarming Times for Human Rights Defenders in the Gulf Region & Neighbouring Countries / GCHR 2014 Annual Report


  This is the third annual report of the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR), which was founded in 2011 by human rights defenders from the region. The GCHR documents the human rights environment…

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Iraqi Kurdistan: No safe haven for human rights defenders and independent journalists


  Mission Report December 2014 Contents I.      Introduction  II.    Civil Society Under Threat  III.  Minority Rights  IV.  …

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