European Resolution on the UAE: "Biased and Prejudiced?" / Mission to UAE investigates crackdown on free expression in which 64activists have been detained


  10 December 2012 - A crackdown in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has violated the free expression rights of 64 detainees, including human rights lawyers, in the Gulf Kingdom, according to a report…

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Bahrain: The government continues to attack journalists and target press freedom


Bahrain correspondent of France 24 and Radio Monte Carlo International,  Nazeeha Saeed, this peaceful journalist exposed, blindfolded,  to a brutal and inhuman torture at the hands of an woman…

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International Mission to Bahrain Report / Justice Denied in Bahrain: Freedom of Expression and Assembly Curtailed


  January 2012 Contents Executive summary. 3 Methodology. 5 I. Violations. 6 1. Digital Media Censorship.. 6 2. Detention and Persecution of Human Rights Defenders. 7 3. Arrests, Murder and Harassment…

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United Arab Emirates: Briefing Paper on Suppression of Free Expression, including Threats and Intimidation against the “UAE 5”


Authored by Dr. Charlotte Peevers, a barrister based in the United Kingdom, on behalf of the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR). Support for the briefing paper, including research assistance, was provided…

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Threats, intimidation, and attacks against human rights defenders and independent journalists in Bahrain.


Human rights defenders in Bahrain exposed to an unprecedented campaign of repression in the history of Bahrain after the government attacked the peaceful protests that began in February 14, 2011, where…

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