General: Gulf Centre for Human Rights mourns the passing of advisory board member Lord Eric Avebury and celebrates his life


Lord Eric Avebury, a British parliamentarian who was a member of the Advisory Board of the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR), passed away today, 14 February 2016, in a great loss for the human rights movement.

“Long time champion of human rights in Bahrain and board member of the GCHR passed away this morning. Lord Eric Avebury supported Bahraini activists when no one else would, and continued to support the next generation of activists throughout the years. He passed away on the fifth anniversary of the Bahraini uprising, and I know that many of us will carry his memory with us throughout the struggle. Rest in power Eric,” said Maryam Al-Khawaja, GCHR Co-Director.

Eric Lubbock, the Lord Avebury, was a Liberal Democrat peer, who organised many events at the House of Lords in support of Bahraini and other human rights defenders. In 1976, Lord Avebury founded the Parliamentary Human Rights Group, which he chaired for the next 21 years. He continued to be Vice-Chair until his death. He has been on the Board of the GCHR since its founding in 2011. See:

His son John Lubbock, “My father passed away last night just before 2am. Eric was a Buddhist and didn’t believe that death should be a taboo, and so I hope that his long life of incredible public service will be celebrated as much as his passing is mourned. Death does not have to be something we fear, it is a part of life which we all have to experience in the end. My father helped so many people in his life, and I think most people would be happy to end their lives knowing they had given so much to so many others.” Lubbock shared a video he made of his father recently. See:

Khalid Ibrahim, GCHR Co-Director, sent condolences to the family and mourned the loss of Lord Avebury “who supported our human rights work all the time.” He was 87 years old.