Yemen: Yemen: Gulf Centre for Human Rights mourns death of independent journalist Mohammed Al-Abbsi


It is with great sadness that the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) received news of the death of prominent journalist Mohammed Al-Abbsi in Yemen. He died, on the evening of 20 December 2016 after he suffered a heart attack. Reports confirmed that he was transferred to the hospital, but the lack of proper medical care resulted in the loss of his life.

Al-Abbsi, 35 years, was an independent journalist who published numerous news stories and articles about corruption in Yemen, for which he was constantly targeted.

“He was a part of the GCHR network of human rights defenders and a close friend,” said Khalid Ibrahim, GCHR Co-Director. He added by saying, “I feel so sad about the loss of a faithful friend and a young journalist who achieved a lot in a very short time.”

GCHR expresses its sincere sympathy and deepest condolences to members of his family, his colleagues and friends.