General: GCHR in another case against the UK Government


GCHR says UK government should hold firm on its commitment to comply with International Law.

GCHR has been granted leave to appeal so that it can challenge an apparent withdrawal by the UK government from its overarching duty to comply with international law. An article by the legal correspondent of the Guardian published on 26 January 2017 says that: “Threats to pull out of the European court of human rights, the election of Donald Trump and withdrawals from the international criminal court have reinforced fears that global laws are increasingly in danger of being undermined.”

The legal challenge focuses on the deletion from the ministerial code, a core constitutional document, of words setting out the duty to comply with international law. GCHR is determined to do all it can to hold the UK government to its commitments in the international arena.

Last year GCHR successfully challenged the UK Ministry of Justice in another case which focused on a decision to bid for commercial contracts within the Saudi prison service. The Ministry was ordered to pay GCHR’s legal costs.

Daniel Carey of law firm Deighton Pierce Glynn, which is representing GCHR, said: “Ensuring ministerial accountability for complying with the UK’s international law obligations is more important than ever and the ministerial code was an important part of that. It is very welcome that the lawfulness of the changes and the explanations given for them will now be properly tested.”

The challenge is being crowdfunded. Melanie Gingell of GCHR said: “It is good news that we will have a full court of appeal hearing. Our work relies on countries such as the UK abiding by their international law obligations, and this was a worrying and symbolic change. But we do need to fundraise urgently to meet our protective costs cap.”

What can you do?

Please dig deep and help GCHR to meet the protective costs order made by the court. We are crowd funding this case and need to raise an extra £7500. Please click here to contribute. Any contribution, big or small, will be gratefully received.