Iraq: Ninth periodic report on violations during popular demonstrations - Part 1


1st Anniversary of the Popular Movement

On 01 October 2020, thousands of Iraqis in various cities of the central and southern provinces marked the first anniversary of the start of the popular movement by participating in demonstrations. Some human rights organisations in Iraq estimate that the number of demonstrators and activists who have been killed since the start of the protests one year ago is approximately 600, in addition to 30,000 others who have been wounded. This is part one of the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR)’s Ninth Periodic Report on Violations During Popular Demonstrations in Iraq.

In the capital, Baghdad, thousands of demonstrators gathered in Al-Tahrir Square (photo 1), stressing the peacefulness of the popular movement and their continued demand for comprehensive reform and bringing the killers of their fellow protesters and activists to a fair trial. This was interspersed with a carnival that included various activities, including a book market (photo 2). The students also participated in a mass rally that started in front of the Ministry of Higher Education, heading towards Al-Tahrir Square through its tunnel (photo 3). Similar demonstrations took place in the central and southern Governorates, as happened in the Diwaniyah city, centre of Al-Qadisiyah Governorate where the demonstrators raised pictures of their colleagues who sacrificed their lives in order to obtain a homeland that guarantees a prosperous future for all (photo 4).

Mass demonstrations on 25 October 2020