Kuwait: Defenders of the Bedoon community organise hunger strike to demand their rights


On 28 March 2022, at four o'clock in the afternoon, six defenders of the rights of the Bedoon community in Kuwait began an open-ended hunger strike in the Sulaibiya area opposite the Sulaibiya police station, an area inhabited by a large number of Bedoon citizens.

The most important goals of this hunger strike are to respect the civil and human rights of all Bedoon citizens, and to address their concerns in a fair, ethical and radical manner, according to what human rights defender Mohammed Al-Barghash told the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR). He added, "We ask the authorities not to procrastinate in resolving our just cause."

Reliable local reports confirmed that three of the activists who are on hunger strike have endured fatigue and lost consciousness, and the condition of one of them is unstable because he suffers from diabetes and needs treatment.

The Bedoon community continues to seek equal rights under the law, including the rights to education, health and citizenship.

While declaring its full solidarity with the striking Bedoon human rights activists, GCHR calls on the government of Kuwait to immediately stop its systematic discriminatory policies, and expedite the solution to the problems of the Bedoon community by immediately granting them their human and civil rights as full citizens of Kuwait.