Kuwait: INTERPOL announces that blogger Mesaed Al-Musaileem is not facing any legal action


In a positive development, the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) officially announced that Kuwaiti blogger Mesaed Al-Musaileem, who is currently residing in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will not be subject to any criminal proceedings.

In an official letter, dated 13 May 2022, INTERPOL declared that Al-Musaileem was not covered by any Red Notice, or a request to law enforcement agencies to take any legal action against him.

This confirms that the request by the Kuwaiti authorities to extradite him to Kuwait, based on the memorandum submitted to INTERPOL in April 2018, was rejected due to the trumped-up charges under which Al-Musaileem was convicted in connection with his peaceful online activities. Accepting the extradition request meant that he would spend many years behind bars, as well as being at risk of torture.

For more information on his case, see: https://www.gc4hr.org/news/view/2988 and https://www.gc4hr.org/news/view/2606

While the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) welcomes this positive and just decision issued by INTERPOL, it calls on the competent authorities in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina to facilitate the transfer of blogger Mesaed Al-Musaileem to a third country that provides him with full protection.

At the same time, GCHR calls on European countries, in particular the Scandinavian countries, Germany and France, to allow him to immediately relocate to one of them, to fully protect his civil and human rights, and to ensure that he is not exposed to the risk of forcible return to his country, Kuwait.