Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia: A Letter Sent from Dammam Central Prison by Courageous Defender of HR Mikhlif Alshammari to GCHR


To / Gulf Centre for Human Rights

After greeting

On the occasion of the 63 anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I have the honor to thank you on my own behalf and on behalf of my fellow human rights defenders, both men and women in the world of different religions and colors for the efforts you are doing to stave off the risks we are exposed to. I have worked on this day to remind prisoners about the importance of this anniversary and remind them of their human rights.

Dear Sirs:

As I am completing the eighteenth month behind bars because of my defense of human rights and my right to freedom of expression, I feel proud for the efforts I have made in the dissemination of human rights culture, promoting peace, and fighting against extremism in Saudi Arabia outside and inside the prison.
I know very well that the journey is long and if we, the activists, do not sacrifice our freedoms, ordinary people will not enjoy their freedom. We have to try hard to be patient and have the courage in order for the generations to learn from us the value and importance of defending human rights.  

Myself and my colleagues are behind bars in Saudi Arabia, due to exercising our natural right to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and defense of human rights, which is a flagrant violation of all international conventions and treaties, and a clear violation of international law.

Also, the continued repression and arbitrary imprisonment of individuals and groups, advocates of reform, democracy and respect for human rights, under the pretext of combating terrorism will inevitably lead to more tension, violence, and instability, and this in turn affects world peace. The human rights situation in Saudi Arabia requires you to intensify efforts and to exercise more pressure to get respect for human rights and that women enjoy equal rights to men and  removing male guardianship from them, also to get respect for  the rights of minorities, and freedom of worship and to care for the rights of foreign residents and end the sponsorship system, which is a type of slavery, and to protect the rights of children and the disabled, codification of legal provisions, and the emphasis on the independence of the judiciary.

In conclusion, I assure you of my full conviction and strong determination to continue my peaceful efforts in spreading the culture of human rights and to defend against the violations and help victims in Saudi Arabia and the world. The repression, imprisonment, and torture that I suffer from are a Medal of Honor to me in the service of humanity.

Be Blessed and God bless your deeds

Yours sincerely
Mikhlif bin Daham Alshammari
Human Rights Defender in Saudi Arabia
Dammam Central Prison


  Mikhlif bin daham  Alshammari