General: Letter from prominent human rights defender, and the main founder of the Gulf Centre for Human Rights, Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja


Human rights defenders are serving their country in order to get general freedoms. They are also pushing for social reform, as human rights is equal to social reform. We usually have a small number of Human rights defenders who are limited in their material resources and training abilities.

They are being targeted in most Middle Eastern countries by governments and others, therefore, there must be an institution that works to support and protect human rights defenders in addition to communicate with them to help increasing their numbers and strengthening their defense when they face danger.   

The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) does not work as an alternative for human rights defenders to improve the human rights situation in their countries, but the GCHR supports human rights defenders and trains them on how to carry out their role as peaceful activists who advocate for change in their countries toward a society that respects human rights values and principles.

The role of the GCHR is to be in a position that enables its communication with human rights defenders in order to effectively support and defend them.

Our ambition is towards working in all countries of the Middle East.

Abdul Hadi al-Khawaja
Jaw prison
5 January 2014