Syria: Syria: Broadcaster and human rights activist Maisa Saleh fired from her job due to a facebook “like”



On 31 January 2015, Orient TV channel informed broadcaster and human rights activist Maisa Saleh in a letter that she has been fired from her job, although no reason was given for her dismissal. This decision came directly after Saleh clicked “like” on some facebook posts that are critical of the owner of this channel who was criticised for talking about minorities in Syria inappropriately. Reports received by the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) confirm that the channel has also started a smear campaign against Saleh, following its decision to fire her.

Saleh began work with the Orient TV channel in 2013 on a weekly program which was broadcast from the heart of the capital, Damascus, in order to introduce civil activities. She was arrested because of her work with the channel on 23 April 2013, and was only released after spending about seven months in Palestine branch or section 235, one of the branches of the Military Intelligence Department in Damascus. After her release, she worked as a reporter for Orient TV in Gaziantep, Turkey until her arbitrary firing.

The GCHR strongly deplores the dismissal of Saleh from her job due to exercising her right to freedom of expression and calls on Orient TV management to respect opposite opinions and to compensate for all the financial and moral damage that resulted from this unfair dismissal.