Yemeni Journalists: The Battle Against the Trio of Hunger, Fear and Disease



The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) has been documenting the many egregious crimes being committed in Yemen against journalists. The stories are both horrifying and disturbing. From journalists being poisoned, to others being assassinated on the streets, to yet more being kidnapped, tortured and detained. GCHR always calls for the protection of journalists and justice for those who have been killed while attempting to do their jobs. However, the extreme cases of extrajudicial killings in a country that has been suffering from multiple tragedies is not the whole story. We also ask, what of the journalists who remain? The journalists who not only face severe risks for doing their jobs, but many who now find themselves unable to continue working in their profession and thus unable to feed their children or keep a roof over their heads. The journalists in Yemen who are now selling their own treasured books, washing cars, and making dolls just to be able to survive.

We chose in this report not to give an analysis from our point of view, but to allow Yemeni journalists who have worked and are working on the ground to voice their opinions, so we can hear from them directly about the difficulties and challenges of being a journalist in Yemen.

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