OHCHR, the Human Rights Council and the Gulf Countries: An Analysis of actions undertaken since 2011



This study, carried out in April 2014, is an analysis of the actions taken by UN mechanisms since 2011 in relation to six of the Gulf countries namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Actions which were examined included communications sent to the governments of these countries, the issuance of press releases, the mentioning of the Gulf States in the annual reports of Special Procedures, country visits and the field presence of OHCHR, and actions by Treaty Bodies as well as discussions at the Human Rights Council.   

This analysis revealed that action taken, although strong in relation to Bahrain, has not been as extensive as is warranted relative to the grave human rights situations in these countries. This document also aimed to find a strategy for advocacy to increase the number of actions taken by UN mechanisms and as such examined the statements of interested states at the Human Rights Council, as well as recommendations made to the Gulf States during the UPR process. 

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