Risking Their Lives: Ongoing Attacks Against Journalists in Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Yemen




Through this report the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) aims to highlight cases of ongoing killings, attacks and threats against journalists and other media workers in four countries, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and makes recommendations to enhance their protection using international mechanisms including the United Nations system. Journalists working in Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Yemen carry out their activities and advocate for human rights at great and imminent risk to their lives and have been killed, forcibly disappeared, subjected to threats and harassment, arbitrarily detained, tortured, had travel bans imposed on them and had fabricated charges brought against them. The cases presented in this report are illustrative and many more journalists, photographers, cartoonists and other media workers have been targeted in all countries.

span style="color: #000000;">Journalists have been caught in the crossfire of conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Yemen and have been directly targeted for their activities in defence of human rights in all countries by governments, armed extremists and militant groups. These attacks have remained with impunity leaving journalists working in all countries at grave risk while losing hope with the international community. With regard to journalists who have been murdered in these countries, not a single case has yet been brought to justice. As recognised by the UN Security Council in its resolution 2222 (2015), “Impunity for crimes committed against journalists, media professionals and associated personnel in armed conflict remains a significant challenge to their protection and that ensuring accountability for crimes committed against them is a key element in preventing future attacks.”

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