Yemen: Report on the situation of Human Rights



An independent international investigation must be established to document human rights violations and hold all perpetrators accountable

I. Introduction

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is vastly deteriorating. Given the political and security realities of the conflict, Yemeni human rights defenders (HRDs) and civil society organisations are increasingly challenged to report, document and communicate to the world the abuses committed by parties to the conflict in Yemen.

There are a rising number of factors that diminish the potential of reports produced by Yemeni activists and organisations to take an effective step towards stopping atrocities and ending human rights violations and abuses of international law committed by all sides to the conflict. Namely, the incapacity, inefficiency and incompetence of the National Commission established in 2016 to carry out its duties that are currently borne by local activists and organisations, along with international NGOs, has led to impunity for human rights violations.

This report intends to highlight the need to establish an independent international investigation into the human rights abuses committed in Yemen, which the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) has reiterated through its advocacy efforts and activities on Yemen.

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