Kuwait: Prominent activist and journalist Hamoud Al-Rabah kidnapped following tweet


The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) have received reliable reports that on 23 July 2019, a group of several persons dressed in civilian clothes kidnapped prominent activist and journalist Hamoud Al-Rabah, a member of the Bedoon community in Kuwait. When he was abducted, Al-Rabah was with his wife eating in a restaurant in the centre of Kuwait City at around 6 pm. The group forcibly put him into a Mazda and quickly drove away with a siren blaring, which is typical of the security forces' vehicles.

It is believed that the State Security Agency was responsible for the kidnapping and is holding Al-Rabah, due to the tweets that he published on his twitter account, in which he defended the civil and human rights of the Bedoon community and demanded the release of a dozen recently-detained activists. (See: https://www.gc4hr.org/news/view/2172).

Among the most recent tweets he published on the day of his arrest were the following:

"Advice for all, in the days to come we have major battles to face exclusionary projects that are currently being prepared in decision-making rooms, focus on them and do not turn to side battles."

Hamoud Al-Rabah is a journalist and a prominent activist who started human rights work in 2011 and participated in most of the peaceful activities and sit-ins that have been launched in recent years in support of the Bedoon community.

GCHR is deeply concerned about the abduction of Hamoud Al-Rabah and holds the State Security Agency in Kuwait fully responsible for ensuring his physical and psychological integrity and security; and demands his release as well as the rest of the detained activists immediately and unconditionally.