Qaṭar: Trial continues for human rights defender Abdullah Al-Maliki


The trial continues in Qatar of human rights defender Abdullah Al-Malki on charges related to his peaceful and legitimate human rights activities, including peaceful protests outside Qatari diplomatic missions in Europe. The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) is deeply concerned that fabricated charges have been brought against him that may lead to the death penalty.

On 11 May 2022, the First Circuit Criminal Court will hold the second session of his trial in which he faces charges of allegedly "publicly challenging the emir's exercise of his powers and dishonouring himself", "inciting the overthrow of the ruling regime", and "attempting to overthrow the regime."

The state security apparatus, which has control over the judiciary, demands the application of Article 130 of the Qatari Penal Code, which includes the death penalty.

For more information, see our previous appeal issued on 11 April 2022:

Al-Maliki, a well-known Qatari human rights defender, continues to practice his peaceful activities in the field of defending the civil and human rights of citizens, which includes holding peaceful gatherings in front of Qatari diplomatic missions in various European countries, to demand an end to all human rights violations in his country. He also addressed several international institutions, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the International Football Association (FIFA) on ways to support human rights in Qatar.

On 07 May 2022, Al-Maliki and his colleagues organised a peaceful protest in front of the Qatar Consulate in Munich, Germany, where they called upon the Qatari authorities to respect human rights, release all prisoners of conscience, and cancel arbitrary travel bans against citizens.

Al-Maliki told GCHR, "The demand to use capital punishment against me by the State Security Apparatus will never dissuade me from continuing to demand the protection and respect of human rights in Qatar." He added, "I do not recognise the judiciary in Qatar as it is not independent, and it is a politicised judiciary. Therefore, it is an unfair judiciary, and I will continue my peaceful human rights activities, even if I am sentenced to death several times."

Once again, GCHR strongly condemns the continued targeting and intimidation of human rights defender Abdullah Al-Maliki by the State Security Apparatus and demands that he stop harassing him, including through judicial harassment. GCHR urges the authorities in Qatar to immediately and unconditionally stop his trial and drop all trumped-up charges against him.

GCHR calls on all Western governments in countries where Al-Maliki is present and practicing his peaceful human rights activities to provide him with full protection.