Syria: No information about civil society activist and independent journalist Marwan Al-Hamid more than two weeks after his arrest


Although more than two weeks have passed since the arrest of civil society activist and independent journalist Marwan Al-Hamid, there is no accurate information about his whereabouts and the reason for his arrest.

On 02 September 2018, an armed group arrested Al-Hamid in the town of Kafr Nabl in Idlib governorate and transferred him to Al-Eqab prison without specifying the reasons for his arrest.

Al-Hamid, who comes from the town of Kafar Roma, west of the town of Ma'arat Al-Nu'man in the countryside of Idlib, has worked as a journalist in various media institutions since 2011. He has also worked on several projects carried out by humanitarian organisations in Idlib.

The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) deplores the detention of Marwan Al-Hamid and demands that he be released immediately and unconditionally. All parties in Syria must respect the public freedoms of citizens, including the protection of press freedom and freedom of expression.