Yemen: Pregnant journalist killed by car bomb


Journalists in Yemen pay a heavy price for their work, and are targeted by all parties to the conflict. According to reports received by the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR), they face numerous kinds of harassment, threats and intimidation to prevent them from carrying out their journalistic work, the latest of which is the use of explosive devices to kill them.

On 09 November 2021 in the evening, 27-year-old journalist Rasha Abdullah Al-Harazi, who was nine months pregnant, was killed while driving to the hospital to give birth. An explosive device planted in the car driven by her husband, journalist Mahmoud Al-Atmi, exploded on the way to the hospital in Aden, killing Al-Harazi and her unborn child. Al-Atmi was seriously injured and is in critical condition in intensive care receiving treatment, according to the latest local reports.

Aden is under the control of the Southern Transitional Council backed by the United Arab Emirates, although the perpetrator of the explosion is not yet known.

Al-Harazi worked as a reporter with Al-Sharq Media Channel, while Al-Atmi works with a number of Malian and Arab media outlets.

In a statement, the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate said, "The Syndicate condemns in the strongest terms this horrific and unprecedented crime, which targeted unarmed journalists while they were on their way to the hospital." The Journalists Syndicate expressed "its fear that it will be a dangerous indicator of a new and violent phase targeting journalists in Yemen with these cheap and cowardly means, in light of impunity and lack of accountability for the killers of journalists."

In a recent report published on 02 November 2021, the International Day to End Impunity, GCHR records the murders of Yemeni journalists and other journalists in the Middle East and North Africa who have been killed with impunity.

GCHR condemns the brutal targeting of innocent journalists, and shares grief and sorrow with their family, friends and colleagues. GCHR calls on the local authorities in Aden to immediately carry out a comprehensive and independent investigation in order to reveal all the perpetrators and the parties who incited or participated in this abhorrent incident, and to publish the results and bring the perpetrators to justice.