Yemen: Journalist Hala Fouad Badawi released


Reliable reports received by the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) confirmed that journalist Hala Fouad Badawi has been released from prison in Yemen. She was arrested on 30 December 2021 after writing about corruption.

On 19 April 2022, the Specialised Criminal Court in Hadhramaut Governorate decided to release Badawi after she had spent more than 100 days in prison.

On 30 December 2021, Badawi was arrested after being summoned by the Command of the Second Military Region, detained in the Military Intelligence prison, and then transferred to the Central Prison in Mukalla, the capital of Hadhramaut Governorate on 04 January 2022.

Well-informed local sources confirmed that she was beaten on the third day of her detention in the Military Intelligence prison until blood flowed from her wounds, and she was transferred to the Central Prison for treatment.  

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While welcoming the release of journalist Hala Fouad Badawi, GCHR denounces the repressive policies adopted by the local authorities in Hadhramaut Governorate in their dealings with journalists, targeting them while they are doing their job professionally to convey the facts to the citizens, and demands they immediately end this approach that does not serve citizens.


GCHR calls on local authorities in Hadhramaut Governorate to:

  1. Drop all charges against journalist Hala Fouda Badawi, which violate her freedom of expression and freedom of the press, close the case completely and stop harassing her in any form;
  2. Refrain from arresting and harassing journalists; and
  3. Respect the right to freedom of expression and allow journalists to carry out their work free from intimidation and arrest.